Strategic Leadership Team

Position NameContact Details
Vice PrincipalsKim Larsen-Taylor
Deana Owen
Assistant PrincipalsMike Holly
Rachel Gill
Jon Hartley
Becky Holroyd
Theresa James
Lynsey Kavanagh
Cathy Johnston
KS4 DirectorK Hughes
KS3 Director A Jacques

This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Strategic Leadership Team

Head of Year and Pastoral Support

Year Group Contacts Contact Details
Year 7Head of Year: P Farrell
Year Manager: 
L Broadbent
Year 8Head of Year: N Jones
Year Manager: 
T Sanderson
Year 9Head of Year: S Wrigley
Year Manager: 
J Yeo
Year 10Head of Year / Year Manager: J Ellis
Year 11Head of Year: L Ludford
Year Manager: 
G Brerely
KS4Welfare and Attendance Manager:
N Hughes

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