Easter Revision Sessions

Week 1 beginning 11th April

Monday 11/04Tuesday 12/04 Wednesday 13/04Thursday 14/04
Maths (JSO)RE (KHE)English (CWR)French
Speaking (DMA)
Sports Studies (RSC)Film Studies (TFI)History (DCH)French Listening,
Writing and
Reading (DMA)
Sport Science (NKE)Maths (JSO)Drama (TJ)
Drama (TJA)Music (RDI
Music (RDI)

Week 2 beginning 19th April

Tuesday 19/04Wednesday 20/04Thursday 21/04Friday 22/04
Geography (ABO)English (CWR)Geography (ABO)Geography (ABO)
Health and Social
Care (ABR)
GCSE Music (LKA)History (SSH)
Performing Arts (CHU)Health and Social
Care (ABR)
Geography (ABO)

Sunset Sessions for Year 11 – Term time

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sports Science Art Music GCSE + BTECHealth and Social Care Sports Science
Geography Maths History
Business Studies Citizenship
Film Studies Lunchtime PELunchtime PE

Websites to help you

Parent Information

Here is a parent information booklet from the Lift Off Evening which was cancelled in December. Lots of information about how to support your child in Year 11.


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