At Great Academy Ashton we know that each of our students come to us with something special, and we have something unique and a shared desire for them grow and flourish within our communities.

Our vision is for every student, regardless of background or circumstance, to leave us work and college ready.

Our enrichment programme is built on our core values:

  • Genuine – mutually trusting, open, honest and reflective.
  • Respect(ful) to all.
  • Excellent at what they do, striving for excellence and intolerant of mediocrity.
  • Achievement focussed-understanding that academic excellence is the goal and high aspirations key to each child achieving their academic potential.
  • Together-believing that we can make the biggest difference when we work as a strong, supportive and inclusive team.

To make this a reality, our charter for enrichment is a promise to students and their families that their child will:

  • enjoy and experience a curriculum that extends well beyond the academic, understanding the importance of a range of British values
  • promote the importance of working together and understanding that difference is a positive and makes that is what makes us all unique
  • develop their character and act in GREAT ways
  • learn how to keep themselves safe and healthy (including when they are online)
  • learn about healthy relationships and friendships through age appropriate relationships and sex education programme
  • have a vast array of careers related events, experiences and encounters in order to develop their aspirations and career wellbeing.
  • have access to a stable and structured careers programme that is continually evaluated.
  • by the age of 14 (Yr9) have accessed and used information about careers pathways and labour market information to inform future study options.
  • by the age of 14 (Yr9) have had the opportunity to learn how Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects help support people gain entry to a wide range of careers.
  • be able to pursue careers that they are genuinely passionate about.

We are always open to suggestions for new activities.  If you have any suggestions, please speak to our Enrichment Co-ordinator.

Performing Arts Clubs

Day TimeTitle Description
Monday 12.40 – 13.00Keyboard ClubM2: Ms Kavanagh
14.45 – 15.30Musical Theatre ClubAuditorium
Mr Hewitt
Tuesday 12.40 – 13.00Great Singers M2: Ms Kavanagh
Wednesday 14.45 – 15.30 KS4 Intervention M2: Ms Kavanagh (GCSE)
M1: Ms Dines (BTEC)
Thursday12.40 – 13.00 Great Singers M2: Ms Kavanagh
14.45 – 15.30 Show ClubAuditorium:
Mr Hewitt
Ms Kavanagh
12.40 – 13.00Guitar ClubM2: Mr Wilson

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