Great Academy Ashton is a highly inclusive, multi-cultural, celebratory learning focused school where we seek to embed our GREAT values in all activities and actions within school: GENUINE, RESPECT, EXCELLENCE, ACHIEVEMENT, TOGETHER. 

We aim to create a school where all students…

  • Make outstanding progress, in their learning, regardless of ability, gender, social background or ethnic origin
  • Are engaged in a curriculum suffused with great knowledge, memorable experiences and rich opportunities
  • Learn, with teachers, in an environment which is mutually respectful and promotes a shared enjoyment of learning
  • Develop social attitudes and behaviours founded upon the principles of genuine, respect, excellence, achievement and togetherness
  • Develop the transferable skills and attitudes needed to thrive in the global economy of the 21st Century

We aim to ensure…

  • All students achieve in line with the best amongst them
  • All lessons meet the needs of all learners
  • All students are safe, celebrated and are fully engaged in the life of our school
  • We continue to improve the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students
  • All students will be inspired to believe that they can achieve and achieve in every aspect of school life; academically, vocationally, culturally, socially.

Our GREAT Values are:

  • GENUINE; we are honest, trustworthy and take responsibility for our actions.  We are proud to be a member of GAA, we treat everyone with respect
  • RESPECT; we use good manners and we treat everyone fairly and with kindness.  We strive for excellence.
  • EXCELLENCE; we are the best version of ourselves and have high expectations of each other.  We work hard and respond positively to all challenges.  We aim to achieve. 
  • ACHIEVE; we strive to fulfill our highest potential and we participate fully in Academy life together
  • TOGETHER; we are supportive of each other and celebrate our differences.  We resolve any differences calmly, learning from them.  Together we are GREAT.