The curriculum intent of the “GAA Gateway Provision” is to provide an ambitious, knowledge rich, bespoke learning provision, for those students who need an enhanced learning experience in order to be “mainstream adaptation” ready.

Students may be placed in our Gateway classes in Year 7 following information we receive from their primary schools, or it may be that they have a specific SEND need or it may be that they ingress into Gateway during any year group because of a learning or social and emotional need or both. 

 All students in KS3 and KS4 follow a mirrored curriculum (matches the curriculum that is taught across the school) where staff make adaptations to schemes of learning and individual lessons where necessary so that our Gateway students can access the work successfully and with high expectations.   For some students they will egress from the Gateway provision once they and staff feel they are equipped to excel without the extra support.  This is monitored closely so that students are ready and confident enough to work within non-Gateway lessons.

For further information about our Gateway Provision, please contact Miss Lees