The Personal Values Faculty consists of Religious Studies, Citizenship and Personal Values (also known as PSHE). Together these subjects help to mould our students into well rounded and tolerant individuals who make a positive contribution to society and take responsibility for their own actions. They are supported to understand the world around them with its differing viewpoints and to make positive choices in different areas of their lives such as education, health, work and at home.

As a faculty we aim to teach not only the content of our individual courses but we also model to our students the skills needed to know their own ideas and thoughts and communicate them with confidence. We provide many opportunities outside of the classroom to put these skills into action such as taking part in multicultural celebrations, being a part of the school debate team and taking part in a mock trial at the crown court. Our hope is that as a result of our teaching, students will know themselves well and be proud of who they are.

Personal Values

At Great Academy Ashton we want to equip every student with the skills, qualities and support needed to be successful or GREAT at life in modern Britain. We believe in teaching and supporting our students through life, not just qualifications which is why we offer bespoke teaching suited to the needs of our students on topics which will support them in their life after school.

Our Personal Values Curriculum includes PSHE, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Citizenship and Careers Education (CEIAG).  All year groups have one lesson per fortnight which is supported by specialist collapsed timetable days, form time sessions and assemblies.

Lesson topics are subject to change as needs arise within the school community. We want to ensure that students are getting the support they need in every area and so if a need arises, we adapt the curriculum to match that but the general topics can be seen below. Next to each topic is a clickable link which will take you to agencies who can support and guide students if they have a need in that area. You can also give us a call at school and we will signpost you to someone who can help in your situation.

If you would like more detail on what students are learning within these topics, Feel free to contact Mrs Lyndsey Leech – Head of Personal Values.

The Main Curriculum

Topic Area 1 – Mental Health and Wellbeing

Topic CoveredPlaces to get help
Self esteem and how it affects our behaviourKooth – The online mental wellbeing community Childline Young Minds The Hive Tameside
Healthy Living        The Eatwell Guide NHS NHS Services Tameside Children’s Nutrition Team Childline
Drugs and Alcohol AwarenessNational Institute on Drug Abuse Childline Frank – Honest Information about Drugs Change Grow Live  – Support for young people in Tameside with Drugs and Alcohol
Managing Social RisksChildline Stop it Now! Youthink Tameside CEOP – Reporting Online Abuse Child Sexual Exploitation County Lines Support from the Children’s Society Tameside Safeguarding Partnership – Reporting all forms of abuse

Topic Area 2  – Relationships Education

Different types of RelationshipsChildline Relate Respectful relationships  
Healthy and Unhealthy RelationshipsChildline Rise UK Stop it Now! Safeline Fresh – Sexual Health Services for Teens Support for Young Parents and Carers in Tameside
Diversity in RelationshipsChildline Strong Family Alliance Barnados The Proud Trust Live Out Loud
Peer Influence and Online SafetyTameside Safeguarding Children  CARE Stop it Now! Think u know

Topic Area 3: Life in the Wider World

Learning and EmployabilityXello Greater Manchester Apprenticeships and Careers Kidscape Skillsbuilder
My Path Through EducationPrinces Trust  Modern Apprenticeships Support with College Applications Youth Employment UK
Managing MoneyNational Debt Advice Line The Princes Trust Money Helper The Money People
British Values and DemocracyYoung Citizens Tameside Youth Council British Youth Council

Collapsed Timetable Days

On bespoke drop down days students cover the more sensitive elements of the curriculum such as sex education and risks in the local community. This allows us to ensure they are in smaller groups in which they feel comfortable discussing and learning about these topics. Our specially trained staff provide students with all that they need to know and guide them to places they can receive support if they need it. Other drop down days cover topics such as First Aid and how to self- check for various types of cancer to further support students in their pursuit of living a healthy life.

Form and Assembly Time

In addition to lessons and drop down days students have an assembly each week on topics such as national awareness days and months, world events such as Holocaust Memorial day and issues such as bullying in order to bring to life what they are learning in lessons.  Students also take part in form time activities which build their employability skills and introduce them to famous heroes such as Nelson Mandela. These sessions also include key issues affecting young people in Tameside such as gang culture and anti social behaviour. Students take part in form discussions and are signposted to places they can receive support if they are affected by an issue.